Small claims court is designated to handle small matters in the simplest manner possible. You do not need a lawyer to file a small claims action, but you may have a lawyer represent you if you wish. You may only file an action for money (not for the return of property or for any other remedy.) The maximum claim is $6,000. You may not bring an action for libel, slander, malicious prosecution or abuse of process. You may not sue for exemplary or punitive damages. There are no jury trials. (See Ohio Revised Code Chapter 1925.)

An individual, company, or corporation may file a claim against another individual, company or corporation. You may file a claim in the South Euclid Municipal Court if:

  • The individual, company or corporation you are suing lives or has its principal place of business in South Euclid.
  • The actions giving rise to the complaint occurred in South Euclid.
  • The property that is the subject of the claim is located in South Euclid.