SEMC serves the South Euclid Lyndhurst Historical Society

Recently, the South Euclid Lyndhurst Historical Society had the privilege of working with the South Euclid Municipal Court.  The project involved moving the collection of historical archives at the carriage house to the gatehouse at the front of the property.  This collaborative project involved responding to the concerns of the historical society’s board, given that none were aware of the “volunteers” or their background.

These concerns were quickly alleviated once the project began.  Those who worked on this move were low level, non-violent offenders who were required to complete community service hours as part of a sentence or program with the court.

Mr. Robert Schoenewald, Treasurer of the South Euclid Lyndhurst Historical Society recounts his experience with the South Euclid Municipal Court volunteers.

….”The volunteers were all good people who had made some minor mistake[s].  Not only did they approach the assignment with a tremendous attitude, but they were extremely careful in their handling of our artifacts.  When looking back on the whole experience, I am very glad that I had the opportunity to work with the court..”

This partnership is only one of several examples of how the South Euclid Municipal Court has used creative sentencing to dispense justice and ensure a direct benefit to the City of South Euclid and its residents.  It is not uncommon to see offenders or program participants “adopting blocks” by cleaning litter and rubbish left in our parks or on our streets and sidewalks.  Others projects include participation in the court’s free summer car wash program and block party set up and clean up.  It is the belief of the Court that connecting people to impacted communities has the dual benefit of immediately giving back to places like South Euclid while giving the participant/offender insight on whom and how their behavior affects an entire community.