Jury Duty Fuels Democracy

For the average person, theres nothing worse than receiving a jury summons in the mail. The list of reasons why they cannot appear for jury duty seems endless. But the right to a trial by jury is the cornerstone of our American democracy and one of the greatest services given to our citizens. Jury service is by no means perfect but it is the best systems in the world. Its also the one most likely to yield fair results and deliver justice for all. We all have the right to be tried by a jury of our peers. But if jury duty was not mandatory, there would likely be very few jurors, or the same peersacting as jurors for everyone. Follow these three easy steps once youve been notified of jury duty: 1) Confirm receipt of your jury summons. 2) Complete and return the jury form. 3) Submit questions or your requests to be excused to juryduty@ secourt.org So, the next time you receive a jury summons in the mail and answer the call to jury duty, remember that youre making a substantial contribution to our democracy. Youre also helping to ensure your own right to trial by jury.